About Me

I was born and raised in Maui, HI and now reside in Las Vegas, NV with my wife Tammy and our dog Harleigh. Iʻve had a passion for art at a very young age, spending a lot of time drawing my favorite comic characters Calvin and Hobbes.  The name “2.16” comes from my initials.  2 – being the second letter of the alphabet (B) and 16 – the sixteenth letter of the alphabet (P).

Throughout my years in elementary and middle school I never really took art seriously. Family and friends would say I was “talented” but I didn’t think so. It was just something I did…I didn’t think it was a big deal. People in and out of school would ask me to design stuff and I would do it. At the time, I would have never thought that people would be paying for my artwork. My senior year of high school ended with my artwork being chosen to be muralized on the wall outside the art class I took for 4 years. I also did a pastel chalk portrait (first time ever using it) that was hand picked by the Mayor of Maui County to hang on the wall of her personal office.

Currently, I work mainly with acrylic paint. I also work with airbrush, spraypaint, markers, and pencils. My new venture is hand-cut vinyl stickers. Besides that, I still do some designing for clothing companies, which I eventually want to stop doing.

Besides art, I am a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts. I attend various events, promos, and conventions for the sport here in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to meet the sports biggest fighters through these events. I also spend my free time working out and mountain biking.

With all of that said…Thank You for visiting my site!! Here you will find pictures of paintings/designs that I am currently working on or just got completed. I will also be posting stuff that Iʻm into, like upcoming MMA events, fight results, news, upcoming conventions, or just random stuff that I find interesting to share. If you are looking for something specific, you can check under the “Categories” section in the column on the right or you can also try the “Search” box. Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy!!    -Brandon


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